Nice gun

It`s been a really long time since my brother said he really had the perfect birthday present for me. When I asked my friend who told me she was also aware of this gift and surprise, I coaxed my friend to tell me what the present was. I like surprises, but I like surprises that I know will be great. I can`t imagine what a surprise my brother can have for me. I haven`t seen my brother in five years, and I don`t know what he has for me either. It`ll be a surprise, I won`t worry, I`m sure it`ll be something terrible. My friend just gave me a clue, showed me the website and it was a shooting in Prague. It was a shock to me. The shooting range in Praha can be fine!

Be careful!

And if I were to ask you that, what would you do if you also got a gift and a surprise like shooting a gun? I was really scared, I was terrified, I thought maybe my brother would buy me my favourite puppy and or make a big cake because my brother couldn`t bake, so I thought maybe he learned to bake it and gave me a big surprise, a sweet surprise. I was really freaked out by the AV shock when my brother then showed me a ticket to a gun shooting centre, I was really looking at it like a madman. I was scared, I was scared, but at the end of the day I thought maybe this was a once-in-a-lifetime thing, so I`d really enjoy the adrenaline. And you know what my mom said about that, and then my dad, too?

Do you like a gun?

Both my parents told me that I was crazy when I told them that my brother gave me this for my birthday, and so she`s my friend, so they just shook their heads my parents had no idea that my brother was going to give me a voucher to learn how to shoot. It`s an interest shoot, it`s such a hobby. Of course, if I try it. So maybe I`ll start enjoying it and I`ll go to Prague shooting range afterwards and see what it`s really like regularly. Maybe it`ll be really perfect, and I`ll enjoy it and I`ll go there a lot.